15 kysymystä vihaiselle norjalaiselle

Parranajo- ja parranhoitobisneksessä pääsee olemaan tekemisissä aika mielenkiintoisten ihmisten kanssa. Meidän edustamien brändien takana on yleensä pieni intohimoinen porukka, joten se on vähän erilaista diilata heidän kanssaan kun kasvottomien isojen yritysten kanssa. Voi melkein sanoa, että muutamista eri valmistajista on tullut ihan kavereitakin.

Richard Thorsen, eli mies Angry Norwegianin takana, on yksi heistä. Päätinkin tossa viime viikolla heittää hänelle jokusia kysymyksiä sähköpostiin, jotta saisitte lukea millainen mies yksi Suomessa suosituimman parranhoitobrändin takana on.

Kysymykset ja vastaukset ovat englanniksi, että saadaan varmasti herra Thorsenin vastaukset ja vertauskuvat oikealla sävyllä esitettyä.

Kuva viime syksyltä kun Riksu oli meidän putiikilla käymässä.


How are you doing today?

Even though it is low season in the Beard Business, It’s busy at Angry Norwegian HQ as we’re developing new, perfume free products.

We’re continuing to grow and entering markets the “established” brands have overlooked.


Where does the name Angry Norwegian come from? You are not a very angry guy.

The name comes from the cartoon series, Futurama. The Angry Norwegian was a company that produced anchovies and sardines for consumer use. The last box of anchovies said to survive the encounter with the Decapodians was of the Angry Norwegian brand, and was eaten by the Planet Express Crew.

Norwegians in general are usually known for being a happy bunch (Happiest Country on Earth 2017).


Which beard products have you used in the past 24h?

The new DDTS Beard Wash and Incognito Beard Oil. My beard is clean and looks great without smelling like ylang-ylang and lavender. Or as I like to call it. A hippy’s vagina.


What are some of your favorite products or brands NOT including Angry Norwegian?

I like products and brands with a story and a “personality”.

I’ve personally met the guys behind OAK Beard Care and I’ve tried a few of their products. Their products are absolutely top of the game, and the branding looks great.

Sorry to say I haven’t had the chance to try so many of the Finnish brands, but I did test the Beard Lion Mustache Wax once, and the quality was supreme.


You have a new beard shampoo, that you just launched. Tell us a little bit about it.

DDTS Beard Wash is the best thing that’s happened to beards since the dawn of time.

We honestly believe that it is the best beard wash on the market.

We compromised nothing. We haven’t skimped on anything with this exceptional wash.

I know people will miss the Don’t Drop The Soap Beard Shampoo Bar that is made in Bergen Prison, Norway. 

Unfortunately the price of raw materials and manufacturing has increased to a level that we fear the price per bar will be too high for the end consumer.

It has been a favorite of many.


What made you decide to not use any scents at all in your products?

Added scents in beard products usually come from essential oils.

First of all, I don’t believe men want to smell like lavender fudge or eucalyptus rosebud. Take care of your beard. Let homeopaths play with their essential oils.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated liquids derived from plants and flowers that can cause skin irritation and nausea.

Many say there are  benefits of essential oils and it is claimed as natural remedies by alternative medicine people.

Angry Norwegian is not a company of hippies. We are a no-nonsense company and we do not claim superstitious benefits of our products.


You’ve stated earlier that Finland is your biggest market. Why do you think that is?

I believe Finland is my biggest market because the message we’re trying to convey is resonating best with Finnish men.

Let’s be honest about it; Finland is one of the most “manly” countries in the World.

Finns aren’t dandy’s. Finns fistfight bears in the woods. Swedes in comparison are like honor students at a vegan friendly pre-school .

Finns are a honest, no-nonsense people. Angry Norwegian is a honest, no-nonsense brand.


Describe the life of a beard care entrepreneur.

You are the product developer, the manufacturer, the marketing department, the sales staff, the human resources, the accountant and the logistics crew all at once.


Any not so known tips for beard care?

I’ll do you one better: Throw away all your jackets with zippers and go for button downs. Getting your beard caught in the zipper is as painful as stepping barefoot on a Lego.


Best city in Finland?

Wherever they sell Lonkero is the best place in Finland.


What would your guesses of upcoming beard trends be? Are beards still cool in 2018?

The peak beard theory is dead. The beard is here to stay.

Manbuns disappeared and I’m not sure what replaced it.

Don’t have any guess of what the next big thing is, but I’d love to see big bushy mustaches get a comeback.

Beards will continue to be cool until the return of the Great Galactic Overlord Chthulhu. 

Then tentacle-beard will become a thing.


How much money would I have to pay you to make you shave off your beard?

Finland’s GDP.


I’m sure you get a lot of compliments for your beard. But what’s the worst thing someone has said about it?

When people start bitching about my beard it all just turns into white noise. 


You’ve traveled a lot in Europe promoting your brand. Where do you see most beards on the streets?

I’ve rarely seen as many beards as I’ve done in Berlin.

However; Three years ago I didn’t see so many beards in Finland. When I returned earlier this year, it’s almost like there’s been some kind of beard epidemic and everyone is sporting a beard. Keep growing!


Is there something you’d like to say to our Finnish customers and readers?

Thank you for supporting Angry Norwegian over the years! We’ll be dropping the new DDTS Beard Wash in Finland soon (toim. huom. saatavilla on jo), so keep supporting great businesses like Shave Club.

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